Welcome to the Ruby Ranch.US web site. The internet home of John Wootton
{Please note: the house to the right is NOT my home,
It is what I always thought I would like to own, if I could afford it. :-)   Ain't it impressive?}
This mansion is now a museum in Port Arthur, Texas. It is located right on the water front and  has withstood several hurricanes down  the years.
I discovered it while looking for a geocache which was supposed to have been located on the grounds. I never located it,  but got a couple of nice photos.

I was not certain what I wanted to do with this site when I started, however, it has turned out to be a rather eclectic endeavor.
I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps find something worth keeping.
      I am now retired but worked in the health care field for over 40 years as a laboratory technician, in health care administration, as a Physician Assistant and as an Associate Professor or Health Sciences at the University of Texas at San Antonio, including 20 years in the United States Army.
During that time I learned many things about personnel health and well being that are either obscure and difficult to find or which are not published.

    I have studied the Holy Bible for an even longer period of time and believe that living your life without God's word is like trying to play baseball or poker or driving a car without knowing the rules.
How utterly foolish.

 I have traveled to many areas of the world and have visited and lived in many countries.

I will be publishing commentary regarding the above from time to time.

Most photos contained on this site can be enlarged by 'clicking' on them.

I also have a photo site at www.flickr.com. If you go there, type in <wootton family> in the search block, click on 'go' then click on <more photos> next to my photo icon. OR.....just click on this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rubyranch/
I appreciate comments.

This site was last updated on March 10, 2019

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