The End of Money

The End of Time

I recently purchased the third edition of the book “Bible Codes III” by Michael Drosnin (he is a charlatan) and since this article was stimulated by that book, I will first provide an explanation.

The Bible Codes ( ) were discovered by 3 Jewish Rabbi mathematicians several years ago. (Doron Witztum, Yoav Rosenberg and Eliyahu Rips )

They are 'messages' hidden in the Old Testament which are revealed by equal distant space skip of letters i.e. every 50th (or 6th or 110th etc) letter spells a word. Frequently there will be a series of words linked together or overlapping, a “matrix”.

The results frequently looks like one of those 'find the word' games. (see the graphics in the wikipedia article.)

The wikipedia article describes them quite well, whether you like wikipedia or not.

It is incredible the information that has been discovered in the Bible Codes. The election of presidents, the atomic bomb, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the assassination of JFK etc.

The main problem with the Bible Codes, is that you have to know what you are looking for! You cannot ask a question and get an answer, you have to search for the answer and then figure out what it means. Some people, including Prof Rips, believes this makes them essentially worthless.

Drosnin is an Obama fan(atic)and has researched and uncovered a plethora of information about him and his administration. During his searches concerning Obama, he uncovered the phrase, “The End of Money, 2011”

Drosnin did not comment on that phrase, but it about knocked me off my seat with shock!

The Bible, (Rev. 13: 16-17) states that in the end times no one will be able to buy or sell except they accept the mark of the beast.

That has historically seemed to be impossible, how do you prevent people from buying and selling?

Furthermore, how could you possibly control that with just a 'mark'?

Well, science has caught up with the Bible.

In the past few years, I have found it unnecessary to carry any significant amount of money with me, no matter where I go, either here at home or around the world. I am now able to make most purchases and if necessary obtain cash, with my debit (ATM) card. In fact, most stores prefer that you use a debit card (or even a charge card) as it decreases the amount of cash they have to deal with. They even offer you “cash back” with each purchase by debit card to decrease the amount of cash in the register. They do not make a profit on giving you cash back, just get rid of it. It is easier and safer to manage a digital transaction than to deal with physical cash!

The government prefers you to use debit and credit cards also. It creates a record that they can monitor. They can keep an eye on what you are doing and monitor the cash flow much easier that way!

By monitoring your bank account, they can pretty much follow your life style!

Think again! The IRS has the authority, ability and right to look at your bank accounts any time they want to!

If the government does away with money, literally making it illegal, then they can force you to use your debit or credit card to make financial transactions, thereby, monitoring what is going on, and also creating the ability to TAX  EVERY transaction!

So how do you get rid of money? Well, a very good way is to make it worthless. During the depression the German mark (interesting name for money) literally became worthless. They were stamping out billion mark coins (I saw one in a museum in Germany) with which you could not buy a loaf of bread! For reference, the new German mark was worth about $0.65 each when they converted to the Euro.

The bail outs and stimulus packages of the past two years have cost the US trillions of dollars, which is all debt. Debt that we cannot possibly repay, unless the dollar is devalued. We can hardly pay the interest on it, much less any of the principle.

The president recently asked congress to increase the ceiling on the national debt, so they could borrow even more money just to pay the interest on what we presently owe and to support the social entitlement programs.

If we cannot support the entitlement programs, millions of people will be on the streets, rioting!

They will literally starve to death without government handouts.

I believe the astronomical debt has been deliberately created to cause the dollar to collapse so it can lead to the total control of financial transactions by the government.

However, for their plan to work, all forms of money will have to be obliterated or made illegal, including gold and silver. No black market will be permitted.

All of this is about control and power, which is what 'they' want. Control and power over YOU!

I recently (last month) read on Military. Com ( that the U.S. Army was exercising war games (right now) in how to control civilian riots here in the US!

You think that is illegal? Read on.

[U.S. administration has eliminated yet another key check to control out-of-control government, the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.  The Posse Comitatus Act abolished the use of the U.S. military against our own citizens and eliminated the ability of the U.S. government to eliminate the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by declaring Martial Law.

In early 2006 Congress passed bill H.R.5122 granting the President the right to commandeer Federal and State National Guard Troops for use against citizens.  The bill is entitled the John Warner Defense Appropriation Act for Fiscal Year 2007]

Now why would the federal government suddenly decide they need the military to control riots in the US?

Well, the training referred to above is being conducted specifically to control riots caused by the collapse of the US dollar!

So, how does one control buying and selling with a 'mark'

If our debit cards are the only method of completing a purchase transaction, that will rapidly become cumbersome, and what happens if you loose your card? It takes a few days or even weeks to get a new one.

One uses a RFID device. Radio Frequency Identification. Small transmitters which transmit information. The information is usually a numerical code, like the product identification 'bar code' that is on EVERY product sold in the US, or the transmitter you place on your car to permit you to drive through the 'EZ Pass, or EZ Toll, booths on toll roads.

Exxon/Mobil even has them to put on your car window or suspend on your keychain which will automatically turn the pump on and charge your account with your gas purchase, no action by you required other then to lift the nozzle and select the fuel grade and then fill your tank!

Veterinarians have developed RFID chips ( ) about the size of a large grain of rice that they insert under the skin of animals to identify them. These are used on high dollar animals and pets so they can be found and identified when lost or stolen.

The military has taken this one step further, in developing the chips for our soldiers with information that used to be on 'dog tags' which may fall off or get lost. ( ) A sub-dermal information chip inserted under the skin of the forearm will not get lost and can quickly be read by a scanner, either hand held or a walk through scanner, like the security devices you find in large stores. Try walking through one of them with an item that has not been paid for, or the clerk failed to disarm the RFID device.

It doesn't take much imagination to stretch the above information to include your social security number and your debit card account number on such a device, insert it under your skin, thus permitting you to “easily and conveniently” just pass your hand over a scanner to make a purchase.

Of course the government would NEVER use such a device to monitor your coming and going! Hello? Is anyone at home here?

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