This page is dedicated to Faye Steele, my 3rd and 4th grade teacher at Senecaville Elementary School in Senecaville, Ohio.
She taught me only two school years from September 1951 through May 1953, but she was the catalyst that changed my life.

She was a spinster who lived by herself for many years, I have not been able to find anything published about her, nor could I find any reference to her on the internet, so I decided to add a page to my web site so she will continue to exist somewhere.

When we moved to Senecaville, I had attended 4 schools for the 1st and 2nd grades and had failed miserable, though they kept passing me for some reason, probably to get rid of me! I could barely read and barely write my name.
I started school in a one room school house (see White Post, Kentucky on this web site) and we had moved 3 times by the time I completed the 2nd grade. I had started the 3rd grade in another school in nearby Byesville when we moved to 'the farm' where we remain settled for the next 10 years.

Miss Steele ingrained in me the desire to learn, something that so many others failed to do, and she did it by teaching me to READ!
I do not specifically recall any particular program that she utilized, but I do remember that she spent extra time with me and encouraged me strongly.

In so doing, she changed my life and started me on the road to success.
And I have succeeded at every endeavor that I have set my hand to!
Of course a lot of that success is due to my mother's prayers, but Miss Steele had a very large chunk of responsibility in getting me to where I am today and I wish to take a moment out of a busy and productive life to let the world know that I appreciate her.

She was a firm disciplinarian (firm, not stern) and an excellent teacher. She taught two classes at the same time in one class room and did it well.
Of course, her hands were not tied by some of the ridiculous pc rules we have today, we said the pledge of allegiance every morning along with  singing several songs and a short prayer, something that would result in a law suit today.

She has long since departed this mortal realm, but she left a heritage that will go on for as long as there is an United States,even though she left no family.
The only photo I could find of her was in an old annual, therefore it is not of the highest quality but she was a tough lady.
This was the elementary school that Miss Steele taught in.
I attended the 3rd through 6th grades here.
The building was long a go demolished to make room for a new town firestation when the elementary school was moved to the high school building after all high schools in the area were consolidated circa 1961-65.

.... Note:   I recently learned that Faye Steele was originally from Louisana, and that she vacationed there every summer to visit with her family.
I do not have any information on her family, or how she got to Ohio.

Updated March 10, 2018

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